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Caramelo Fitness

Personal Training: Focus on strength, elegance, and beauty through personalized workouts based on your goals, schedule, surroundings, and equipment available. My sessions will keep you toned and fit by combining the graceful elements of dance with exercises to build muscle and endurance. What you learn with our workouts will not only get you in better shape, but it will additionally transcend to your everyday movements- allowing you to always move with grace and intention.

Online and in-person training options available.

Nutrition Coaching: We will look at how to reach your goals through habits and diet. This includes looking at your current meals, lifestyle, and monthly food budget on top of other factors. From there, together we will find proactive ways to transition into a healthy lifestyle including: having weekly goals, introducing you to new recipes, ingredients, styles of cooking, and shifting your views towards food. You will have me by your side every step of the way for guidance, when lacking motivation or creativity, and to make sure your daily checklist is completed.

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