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Tropical Leaves

"Camila is the most attentive, most flexible, and motivational trainer. She is the one that will push you to reach your goals and is the trainer you want to have.


She has been with me since the start, sharing her knowledge and techniques, and is truly what has made this journey so fun and motivating for me.

Our main goal has always been to have fun, enjoy the process, and as she always says ‘doing something is better than nothing.’


She has guided me in my exercises, food pairings, and most importantly in loving exercise, which is the key. If you want to start, she will be your right hand, I highly recommend Camila."

—  Beatriz Dal Col

Tropical Leaves

"Before Camila I didn’t like to exercise, I only liked Zumba. She showed me how good exercising is for our health and now I feel great. With her exercises I already feel a difference in my body and don’t have any more pain. Camila teaches how to do exercises with the correct form in order not to get hurt, is funny, and fun! We always laugh a lot together!"

—  Rosilane de Souza Gonçalves

Tropical Leaves

“Camila took a very personal approach by tailoring everything based off what we discussed in detail. This included a personalized grocery list with what she recommended I eat while taking my preferences into account.


For my workouts she made them challenging, but easy enough for me to complete on a regular basis. Camila’s attention to detail, flexibility, and friendly attitude make her great.”

—  Jean Ortiz

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