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Tropical Leaf

About me...

 Camila Alejandra

Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf


Exercise has been running through my veins since I was in my mom’s belly. She passed on her passions to me and I have grown up with a love for fitness, nutrition, self-care, and natural beauty. My mom also always made sure to create an environment for my siblings and I to show our zest for life through dance. As a child, I started with Ballet classes, then as I grew older I moved on to Jazz, and after, Salsa, Dancehall and Vanerão- on top of always dancing around the house.



Currently, I’m in university doing my Master's in Dietetics & Nutrition. Before that I completed my Bachelor's in  Interdisciplinary Studies; a major I tailored to combine Public Relations and Nutrition. I want to educate people around the world about leading a life focused on well-being through diet and exercise.

I’d like to help you reshape your views towards physical activity and healthy eating- seeing it as a way to treat yourself instead of being a hassle or an obligation. My intention is to make you feel empowered when being active and making wholesome choices. Once you start incorporating all of these teachings into your routine it’ll organically become a lifestyle, fit for your way of life. 

We all have different responsibilities and priorities; your health shouldn’t be diminished because of them. I made the choice to use my surroundings for my benefit and have always incorporated them to keep myself active. The environment around me has constantly changed over the years- whether by force or by choice- but what's remained constant is how I take with me everything I know and love about fitness + wellness, and apply it to my surroundings. The secret is: the world is our gym! Because we have the power to make it so! That’s why flexibility is one of my main focuses. I have never seen exercising as limited to to the gym or a schedule, and eating well as having to spend my whole paycheck on it. There are a multitude of ways to be healthy that fulfill your personal requirements- and that’s what Caramelo Fitness was made for. Let's have some fun taking care of ourselves!                                                       


My happiness is sharing everything I grew up loving- with you.

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach
Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association
Registered Dietitian in the Making
Tropical Leaf

Why Caramelo?

“Caramelo” in Spanish has different meanings- it’s a candy, but it’s also caramelized sugar.

Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf

What’s going into the pan? Sugar and water. What’s going into your body? Your diet and water (I refer to diet as the selection of food one usually has). With Caramelo Fitness, you’ll be hitting your daily water intake goals and your diet will turn into a nutritious and satisfying one. This will provide clean fuel for your body to use for regular activities and workouts to avoid feeling sluggish and bloated. The next component is heat; essential both in making caramelo and exercising. If you don’t stimulate yourself enough- you don’t get heated up, you don’t burn your calories (the sugar!). And to prevent it from burning, the spoon (our motivation!) keeps everything moving to alway keep us driven- preventing a plateau in our progress.

But isn’t un caramelo, a candy, the epitome of being unhealthy?
I’m here to quickly insert that we can still enjoy it in moderation!
But I’m focusing on caramelos for another reason.
Truly, the finished product of a candy is enchanting. It’s generally considered our “little reward”, something that provides instant happiness with a colorful and delightful wrapping.
That’s how I want people to view themselves and their fitness journey. The exercise and self care ARE the treats, and with the finished product you’ll feel happy, rewarded, and beautiful.


Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaf

There’s a popular saying in Spanish, “a punto de caramelo” (at the point of being caramelized) which has the same meaning as “looking like a snack.” 

To make caramelo

you need: 

  • A pan

  • Sugar

  • Water

  • Fire/Heat

  • Spoon

To make your ideal

body you need: 

  • Yourself

  • Daily Diet

  • Water Goals

  • Exercise

  • Motivation

Tropical Leaf

Keeping it sweet & simple, Camila

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