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Updated: Dec 14, 2020


And welcome to Caramelo Fitness!

My name is Camila Alejandra and fitness and wellness have always been my passions- one could and rightfully say I was born into it.

It all starts with my mom…

She has been my guide since birth.

Growing up as a refugee in Miami, though not far from my native Cuban culture, my mom always taught me there are no excuses and always encouraged my creativity- as well as showed me hers. My household had and still has the rule to exercise every day. Sometimes it was walking 4 miles to and from school, other times it squatting while waiting for the metro to go to work, and many times throughout my childhood it was dancing around the living room.

My mom, siblings, and I would dance however we wanted. Gracefully and perfectly timed or just plain punk! Other than dancing around small living rooms, throughout the years I have dabbled in ballet, jazz, salsa, vanerão, and dancehall. I love to dance and everything it brings with it- freedom, euphoria, elegance, grace, poise… Though dancing itself is exercising, I’ve always additionally enjoyed doing traditional exercises as well, and in particular, strength training. I like to improve strength and resistance through different styles like yoga, pilates, and weight training.

Over the years, I’ve implemented what I’ve learned through dance and combined it with the exercises I have been doing. To me, workouts should be carried out with elegance and poise; like in a dance, it should have a continuity and a flow throughout and in between the movements.

But also… it’s more than that…

Going along the teachings of my mom and how I was raised, I now want to take everything she taught me that impacted me, and morph it into my own vision of what I want to share. Thinking about what my purpose is in this world, and what I truly want from my life, came about Caramelo Fitness. Caramelo is a Spanish word; it means candy as well as caramelized sugar. A caramelo is a treat and my vision is to have others feel they are a treat themselves. I want people to embrace themselves and their natural beauty. I want you to work towards the best you can be and honor your body with all its amazing capabilities.

Everything that has molded me has led me to focus on what Caramelo is really about. It’s not about buying fancy products, equipment, clothes, or memberships. It want to share how I have lived a healthy life with what I’ve had around me and how it has empowered me. I want to teach that empowerment, that liberation, that power of find anything around you and turn it in to something greater.

I want to open people to this world where everything is seen to better us- we can take anything and use it to our advantage. Let’s see the world as our gym and make it “normal” to exercise in non-traditional exercise settings- as well as in the traditional of course.

But what’s most important out of everything is how you will develop a strong friendship with yourself.

But alas… I am a lover of other things as well… art, music, culture, history, the concept of beauty… and I hope to explore all those interests through the path of fitness and wellness.

Through eclectic music choices, exercise styles, some travels, and different recipes we will explore the world. As for art and beauty- from renaissance ideals to Picasso’s cubist visions. I see exercise as another way to show the beauty of the human form. I also want to focus on natural beauty and the beauty of loving yourself… En fin… The beauty of being happy and healthy.

To sum everything up, Caramelo Fitness is forever learning and taking care of the self through different mediums. I like to say- treat yourself through exercise, diet, and self-care!

I’m starting this fitness + wellness blog because I’m excited about sharing how I lead a healthy lifestyle and want to work with you to help you reach your potential.

I hope this has resonated with you and if it did, join me on this adventure!

Keeping it sweet and simple,



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